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ODICIS mock-up at the 2011 Paris Air Show

Summary: The ODICIS consortium is pleased to announce that their single display cockpit was presented, for the first time, at the 2011 Paris Air Show.

One Display for a Cockpit Interactive Solution (ODICIS) is pleased to announce that their single display cockpit mock-up debuted at the 2011 Paris Air Show, held at Le Bourget (France).

It is a revolutionary single seamless display cockpit, providing a high level of system flexibility and user interaction. Optimal use of the available cockpit surfaces and continuity of information will be achieved through the development of a Human Machine Interface concept, which is now being researched and tested.

The project also promises to improve operational safety and efficiency while reducing aircraft development costs. The first objective is to meet the technically demanding task of developing a large, seamless and curved avionics display - a giant, high-performance touchscreen. This involves both technical (optics and graphic generation) and operational (pilot-machine interface) challenges. This futuristic component, currently geared for aircraft design, could one day be implemented in the dashboard of any surface transport vehicle.

Developed by a consortium of 4 large companies (Alenia Aeronautica, Alitalia, Diehl Aerospace and Thales Avionics), 1 SME (Optinvent), 1 research centre (IMEC) and 3 universities (Technical University of Denmark, Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus and University of Malta) drawn from 7 EU member states.

The ODICIS project aims at developing a single display cockpit associated with adequate means of interaction. The project aims to improve operational safety and efficiency while reducing aircraft development cost. The first objective is to prove the technical feasibility of an avionics large seamless display, which can possibly be curved. This involves optical and generational graphic challenges. The design of the display must take into account potential user-demands and aircraft possibilities. Once the display is available, the proper means of interaction must be defined and implemented. At this point, a complete technological mock-up of a single display cockpit is available. Meanwhile, the applications that stimulated the idea of a single display cockpit, will be reviewed, deepened and tested using the mock-up.

The consortium provides the range of key skills, knowledge and experience required to define, develop, implement and exploit the results of the ODICIS project. For the whole duration of the project (30 months from the 1st of May 2009), the ODICIS consortium will exchange with the aeronautics actors by means of workshops with an External Experts Advisory Group. A roadmap towards a single display cockpit product will finally be issued at the end of the project.

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